Feb. 21, 2022

Freedom Rides On An 18-Wheeler.

For anyone who has been watching the events in Ottawa, the images are stunning. Police without badges, bludgeoning peaceful citizens. Mounted on horseback, literally plowing down demonstrators. Wooden clubs beating back men women and children.

It is the brutal visage of a burgeoning dictatorship.

And as much as we focus on the Premier of Canada, Justin Trudeau, there is clear evidence that behavior is endorsed here in our own country, south of the border.

After all, our President Biden had encouraged Trudeau to exercise just such action, only a couple of weeks before.

But what you may have missed, is that President Biden just set up such a controlled crisis in the States. You see on Friday evening, the classic time to bury any major story, Biden renew the National Emergency due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Only it wasn't really renewed for the Pandemic, which by all accounts is seeing a marked decline in new infections, and new mortality. In fact, many governors and mayors are reversing their previous restrictions, lessening the social distancing, and the wearing of masks. And even relaxing the requirements to be vaccinated at all.

The tide is clearly going out for the Pandemic.

And yet, when all the world is putting the Covid Emergency behind us, Biden has, by edict, renewed his emergency powers. Why? Because, in my opinion, he is preparing to fight another enemy. And the enemy is called “we the people.”

In this world of instant images, I suppose much of what I'm saying depends upon what you think of those Freedom Truckers up in Canada. To some, they may resemble a rag-tag crowd of meandering, disorganized protesters. Just a loose convergence, like you, see any workday on the sidewalks of New York.

And you'd be correct.

That's exactly what “we the people are.” We're rag-tag. Disorganized mostly. Our assembly is chaotic. Our methods are haphazard.

You see we're really not an organization. We don't have uniforms. We don't march in lockstep. We're small “d” democrats.

And we're coming together to exercise one of our fundamental freedoms. Freedom of Assembly. Set forth in the Canadian Charter of Rights, and the US Bill of Rights.

And that's what I see up in Canada right now. A growing movement of the people. Assembling to voice their grievances against a government that has become all too tyrannical.

A government that would rather put them down, than discuss their issues. A government that to this day has never offered to meet with the demonstrators. Has never prepared a place for discussion. But instead has sent in the most brutish of (quote-unquote) police, to put down this peaceful assembly.

Unfortunately, that kind of dictatorial government action, is exactly what is being set up here in America. I don't believe that Friday night's action was intended to somehow address a fading pandemic.

I think it is far more likely that the Emergency Act renewal is to address the hundreds of truckers, in our country, who are now assembling in California, and throughout the Midwest, in anticipation of arriving in Washington in that first week in March.

Those truckers are the reason that emergency powers are being exercised by the President. Like Canada, the effort will be to put down those truckers, and their wild ideas of freedom of speech and of assembly. And of a government instituted by the will of the people.

Instead a small group of elites, including the President, and I might add out heads of Congress, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and leaders in the Senate Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer.

Clearly, these, and other members of the extended “deep state” are seeing yet another crisis. Another opportunity to consolidate their power and authority. Another crisis is not to go to waste.

But, if Canada is an example. They may all have a surprise in store for them. As those of us, the people are not cowing before their demonstration of power.

The thugs called police, are not deterring those freedom-loving Canadians. In fact, more are joining the movement.  It's no longer just the truckers. They are joined by farmers and workers of all kinds. Now the professions are being added. The doctors and the lawyers.

Before this is over, a great parade of the peoples of Canada will come forth. Standing against this petty tyranny. Standing up for their freedoms.

And when President Biden and the other Washington elites try the same tactics here. I believe they'll be met with the same response.

A giant is coming awake. And putting action to our words. No longer content to stand aside, to stand down. The drumbeat of freedom, so long silent, is being heard throughout the land.

Look out Washington, there are truckers here in the USA. And they're coming for liberty. And they're coming for freedom.