Dec. 8, 2021

Let's Talk Energy Policy...Now!

This is the time of the year when we should talk about energy.

Not in the middle of Spring, in some Southern Location, where the mere thought of winter seems a million miles away.

But now. And here in the hills of Pennsylvania. Where this morning's temperature is 27, and my feet are cold.

Now, when we had one of the biggest runs on firewood ever. As people look for alternative ways to heat their house. This is in light of escalating fuel prices, and the threat of President Biden's Long Dark Winter.

Yesterday we received the latest Trade Report for the nation. And it provided some special insight into current Biden Energy Policies.

A series of trends are beginning to emerge which tell me that the President's prognostication of this Winter may be only half right. Winter may indeed be long and dark. But it may also be cold inside many American homes.

We begin our look at Energy, with the oft notice observation, that at least in terms of fossil fuels, the Biden White House does represent President Obama's third term.

Apparently, Biden has never met a carbon-based fuel that he liked, and this has been reflected in the President's early moves toward energy.

I remind you of the ill-fated Keystone Pipeline. Canceled by the President last spring, while temperatures were still warm. Or the threatened closing of the Michigan Pipeline. A principal source of heat and energy for the Upper Peninsula.

Or the canceling of thousands of acres of leased property on federal lands. Leases that were aimed at providing additional oil and gas for the continental US.

All gone.

Already, after less than a year, this change in direction in our nation's energy policy is beginning to show in the Macro numbers.

Remember how, under Trump, the nation became energy independent? Actually exporting oil for the first time in a generation.

That's all gone.

As of yesterday's report, the US has once again sunk to become an oil-importing country. Subject once again to the whims of OPEC and the House of Saud.

This underscores the President's diplomatic failure last month when he asked the Saudis to increase their production.

Their reaction, production would remain the same, and what's more, they raised the price of Saudi crude. They could see that America would be back, hat in hand, asking for more oil, as our production levels fall.

Here in Pennsylvania, oil is not our only carbon-based fuel. We're blessed to have perhaps the largest Anthracite Coal Deposits in the world. In fact, Pennsylvania is to coal, what Saudi Arabia is to oil.

And it's not just any coal, it is Anthracite. A marvelous, hard, clean-burning coal, which is the envy of the world.

But not here in America, where politicians have made a point to single out the industry for destruction. Remember President Obama's remarks about if you're a coal company, then you'll necessarily have to be put in bankruptcy?

Here in Pennsylvania, we remember.

And he nearly succeeded. As much of the industry around here is now idle. Closing mines, and putting the miners who worked there out of work.

But in yesterday's trade report a most unlikely champion for coal has emerged. China.

Here in America, we may not recognize a good source of energy, but our chief rival does.

And, in the greatest irony of all. If Americans were to burn that coal, we would do so in high-tech, clean burning furnaces. Furnaces that would not pollute.

China, however, has no such compunction. They have built the cheapest coal furnaces around, creating the highest level of pollution on earth.

A problem that would have been solved if we simply used our own coal.

You know, there's a tendency by the Left in this country to simply rule by decree. As the captain in Star Trek said “make it so.”

It's as if the President believes that by issuing some Executive Orders he can change the way people live. Just make fossil fuels harder to get, and more expensive, and people will magically find alternatives.

But here in the real world, here in Pennsylvania it isn't that easy.

What he is creating is a whole lot of misery and resentment. A winter heating bill that will be multiple times higher this year, than last.

Yes, it's liable to be a long dark, and cold winter and Mr. Biden isn't helping.