Aug. 8, 2022

Our Manchurian Government

Last week, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, behaved in the most reckless, irrational manner. She risked World War III just so that she could visit Taiwan.

The People’s Republic of China condemned the flight in the most robust language possible. Used the highest level of diplomatic communications to inform the United States of their opposition to the flight. The CCP even threatened to shoot down Pelosi’s plane. There can be no doubt that she understood the risk.

To the Chinese, this flight represented a complete loss of face. One’s “face” is the most crucial measure of social status in Chinese culture. The magnitude of this affront to the Chinese can not be overstated. Pelosi risked war between China and the United States.

Who does such a thing?

Certainly not someone as politically seasoned as Nancy Pelosi. She is the daughter of a prominent Baltimore politician. A Congress Women for 35 years, leaders of the democrats in Congress for 19 years, and Speaker of the House for two of now seven years. With that background, it is inconceivable that this trip was just the haphazard foray the press portrays.

No, I’m concluding that there was more to this trip than meets the eye. Something much more sinister. You and I, the average citizens of this country, need to consider the real motivation.

I’ve had this nagging thought in the back of my mind for some time. Sometimes growing, but most often dismissed as something that couldn’t happen in my country.

My concern began when I read that Senator Diane Feinstein had an aid (referred to as her driver, but with duties that went far beyond just a chauffeur), who was ostensibly a member of the Chinese Communist Party, direct from China.

As you doubt, Hunter Biden had a personal secretary with much the same credentials, although much prettier, Chinese-born and raised, member of the CCP.

Beyond the direct influence of individual staff, extensive business relationships exist throughout the Halls of Capital Hill. For those who have followed the unfolding scandal involving Hunter Biden, you know of the dealings that not only Hunter but other “sons of power,” like John Kerry’s stepson, have with the Chinese, including Chinese Investment Firm CEFC and their own Rosemont Seneca. Nancy’s husband, Paul Sr, and son, Paul Jr, have extensive relations with various Chinese businesses.

And this taint of Chinese Influence doesn’t stop with the democrats. Mitch McConnell has come under some scrutiny, as his Taiwanese Father In Law, whose shipping business has extensive ties to China, has been the primary financial contributor to McConnell’s political campaigns.

And we could go on and on. The more you dig, the more you find.

And that’s the point. More information is constantly emerging that implicates our political leaders in a conflict of interest with China. Granted, whether our leaders are under Chinese influence is an open question. That would be treason, after all. But there can be little doubt that many have benefited financially. They have very profitable business relations with counterparts in China.

The internet is an excellent research tool for ferreting our representative’s business relationships. Much of this information is coming to light through the hard work of “armchair internet sleuths” like us. Ordinary people are willing to put in the time to connect the dots in these often labyrinthine business schemes. These schemes have the primary function of obscuring the relationship between the CCP and members in Washington.

So now we come to Nancy’s trip to Taiwan. You can bet that everything we’ve discussed is well known to Ms. Pelosi. She knows that millions of us “internet warriors” are now looking closely at her relationship with China. We are digging into her background, discovering past public documents, and discussing with each other what we’re finding.

There is a general murmur among those of us in the hoi polloi. So far, it is not a very pretty picture. It’s a picture of a cornered politician that will use any means to distract. A well-known tactic used by politicians throughout the years. It’s called “wag the dog.” And it often leads to war.

In public, Ms. Pelosi should be asked why she risked so much to gain so little. Could such a tactic have motivated the Speaker of the House? I’m not sure. But we, the people, have a right to ask that question. At the very least, this should be the subject of a Congressional Hearing.

The fact that such a hearing will likely never take place tells me all I need to know about our Manchurian Government.

Economic News

Overnight Japan reported that the value of their bank loans grew by 1.8%. this is one of Japan's measures to estimate future economic activity. The more loan growth, the more upbeat Japanese Businesses.

Well, they did it. For the first time in 8 years, the French 3-month bond yield surpassed zero. That’s right for the first time since 2014, French short-term bonds turned positive. For all that time, the 3-month bond has carried an almost incomprehensible negative yield. In other words, you received less money at maturity than you invested. Admittedly today’s French yield is as low as you can go, at just one-basis point.

Headlining earnings today have been the results of BioNTech. The British producer of the Covid Vaccine. I haven’t had a chance to look at their earnings, but the stock is trading lower at the moment. And it will be interesting to find out why.

In other earnings reports, Dominion Energy, Tyson Foods, and Palantir Technologies are all trading lower at the moment. While Barrick Gold, generic drug maker Viatris, and oil refiner HF Sinclair are both higher currently.