Jan. 24, 2022

Our Neglected "Supply Chain."

Like a defeated football team, the Biden Administration stumbles from event to event, already defeated.

You see this most especially in their dealing with the so-called Supply Chain. The economic issue that is destined to have the most impact on each of our lives, as the year 2022 unfolds.

Virtually everything we do and our entire lifestyle is affected by the Supply Chain. From retail goods from China to the price of imported energy, to now agricultural goods from Mexico and Canada, all are in disarray and destine to become even more chaotic.

The most vivid, and longest-lasting of the supply chain chaos has been the troubles out at the Ports of Los Angels and Long Beach, out in California. These combined ports have become the largest in the nation and the central hub for the Chinese goods and products entering the U.S.

This has been an ongoing problem for literally months. And yet, even till today, no substantial progress has been made in returning the ports to their normal operations.

President Biden appointed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to spearhead the effort to set the ports back on their feet. But typical of this Administration absolutely nothing has been done.

Secretary Pete first claimed that because he and his partner were adopting a child, he would need to take 60 days maternity leave. Abandoning his post, at just the time he was needed the most. Negligence, pure and simple.

But the two-month vacation seemed to be long enough for the Administration, and the mainstream media to forget about the California Ports. Just "move along" seemed to be the mantra.

Today there has only been a marginal improvement at best. And this number one Supply Chain Issue remains. With no effort by the President or his Administration to address this issue.


The second major issue with the Supply Chain began in China nearly 8 weeks ago. Our major trading partner announced that they were going to shut down operations in a couple of their major ports, in an effort to stem the spread of a new form of Covid.

This is bound to have a major impact on our country. No matter what you think of China, Our trade with them is vital for a fully functioning American economy.

In addition to all the retail goods were familiar with, China supplies many of those technological devices, to say nothing of the machinery and components used in industry. All of which help businesses in the US operate.

And perhaps most worrisome of all, China supplies many of our Pharmaceutical drugs and medications needed now more than ever.

In short, China is our most important Trade Partner. And for China to simply walk away by closing off all of those much-needed goods, is a crime.

And yet, we've heard absolutely nothing from this President. I would think that at least an envoy, and attempt to negotiate with the Chinese would have begun by now. But no, it's crickets from Washington.

By my reckoning, it will be another week or two before we feel the impact of the closing of the Chinese Ports. But it's coming. The second great supply Chain Disaster headed our way.

And it's simply ignored. Neglected again.

Finally, the last major supply chain calamity began on the past Saturday, when the Administration, of their own accord, began restricting truck traffic from both Canada and Mexico.

In the middle of a burgeoning economic crisis, with supply chain issues around the world. President Biden has elected to make things worse.

It's breathtaking.

Why would he choose to do this? It's inexplicable, and it appears malicious.

Knowing that the vaccine is unpopular among certain populations. And especially among truck drives, who sit alone all day in their cabs. Biden has elected to issue a vaccine mandate for all foreign drives entering our country.

I note that the Supreme Court has recently struck down another Biden Vaccine Mandate.

It's easy to predict the massive bottle next at both our northern and southern borders as truckers from Canada and Mexico refuse to comply. It will only take a few such truckers to complete slow our North-South Supply Chain.

So there you have it, three ways our Supply Chain is destined to get worse.

A Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg refuses to address his responsibilities.

A trading partner, China, has shut off large sections of their exports to the US.

And a brand new mandate which promises to severely restrict truck traffic coming from Canada and Mexico.

Put it all together, and you can see why I believe our Supply Chain issues are bound to get much, much worse.