Nov. 24, 2021

Thanksgiving Comes At Just The Right Time!

I've often thought that Thanksgiving comes at just the right time of year.

Of course for the Pilgrims, it was their opportunity to Thank God for their wonderful harvest. And the grace they received in surviving in a new, and hostile land.

Still today that same rhythm of life applies. Even in a Manhattan Skyscraper, no less than a Missouri farm, this rhythm of life applies. And for both the farmer and the financier the ability to survive, and perhaps even flourish is a blessing. And for that blessing, we are due to be thankful.

I've never worked on a farm. But I know in the corporate world, this is the time of the year that we take stock. Both of what we've accomplished so far. And for those last few weeks of the year, when we hope to accomplish even more.

Y now all of the finance department has presented a preliminary report to the CEO. You might consider it a Thanksgiving report, although few if any CEOs call it that! It tells that CEO, just what the corporation has done this year.

Most senior executives will turn the report around. And use it as a way to motivate their departments to work toward their goals, in the few days that remain this year.

In modern Corporate America, most Senior Execs are now compensated on the Exec's ability to meet those company's goals. First conceived in the Business Schools, the concept behind this Goal-oriented management. Was to more closely align the Executives with the shareholders. Putting CEO and Stakeholder on the same page.

All too often, however, the reality has been that a sense of anxiety, even fear involved. As if beating last year's results were all important. Sometimes careers can even be on the line if quotas are not met.

It's an unfortunate reality, that fear is often the prime motivation, as departments from sales to marketing and production seek to “make their numbers.”

What a different world, this might be: if instead of working for the artifice of corporate goals. We took time to give real Thanks, this month, for the things that have been accomplished. Recognizing God's hand in everything we do.

I have no doubt, that that attitude would change your company, and perhaps the world.

I hope you have a wonderful day of Thanks Tomorrow.