Feb. 14, 2022

The Vax Fad Is Over...

As I look over my desk laden with pet rocks, bennie babies, and the latest edition of Rubik's Cube, I can't help but notice that there's nothing deader than last year's fad. From disco to, when it's done it's done. And there's no going back.

People move on.

That looks to be what's happening to last year's single biggest product, the Covid Vaccine. The Vax may well have been the biggest fad of all time, with literally billions around the world avidly taking the Jab.

And why not? The biggest, most important global influencers were spending hours selling their product. Presidents, prime ministers, and leaders of all kinds took to mass media and extolled the virtues of taking the Vax.

Not to be left out, Hollywood stars from Martha Steward to Britney Spears and Maria Carey all got the jab. Even former President Obama was quick to point out he was vaxed.

Without question, this was the most intense, most pervasive rollout of a new product in history. There wasn't an hour that went by last year when we weren't told to “take our medicine.”

The entire upper echelon of this country was united in selling us on the vax. It's settled science, said the chief medical scientist Anthony Fauci. He was joined by Doctors across the country recommending we get “protection.”

But that was then.

2021 is over now. History marches on. And so does the American public. The elites were given their shot. They had one chance to make the “sale.” And for likely half the country it worked. They signed up and were jabbed.

And that's how fads are. Many get involved. Can't wait for the latest new thing. But after those first adopters, then what? Where to go after that?

Like a poor salesman still singing the same song. Using those tired, worn-out phrases. Phrases like: "settled science," "do your duty," "protect others," "wear the mask," "take the jab."

But it's over. We've walked out of the sales office. We've moved on.

To the perceptive, the signs are all there. CVS just reported that they expect to administer up to 80% fewer shots this year than last. Johnson and Johnson announced that they're pausing production of the vac, just too few are being administered.

Now in sales, we sometimes talk of how customers are revolting from our offer. But I never thought I'd see a real revolution.

But it's happening now.

Citizens around the world are standing up against the vax, and it's a chief sales tactic, the mandate.

Beginning last week in Canada, thousands of truckers took to the highways to travel to Ottawa, the nation's capital.

And it wasn't just truckers, it was farmers, workers of all kinds, and the hundreds of thousands who line the roads to cheer them on.

They were delivering a simple message to their government leaders: you might be selling. But we sure aren't buying.

And, of course, Canada isn't alone, Australia, and half of Europe are all falling suit. And word is, that in about 2 weeks the US will also be in the full caravan, delivering the message, we're done.

Telling our leaders, their time is over. They can either join the public and end these restrictions and the vax that goes with it. Or they will be thrown out of office come to the next election.

You see the Vax Fad is over...