March 8, 2022

Ukraine Exposes America's Addiction.

Have you ever met a millionaire junky? They're an interesting combination of extreme arrogance and vulnerability.

Arrogance, in that they presume that no one sees their addiction. That they are smart enough to hide any weakness from view.

And yet they do have this terrible weakness. This drug, that they simply can't live without. Take away that drug and they become a quivering, sniveling lump of humanity. Unable to function until they get their next hit.

I hate to say it. And I don't mean to be cruel, but the United States of America, as a country has an addiction. And I'm afraid that this conflict in Ukraine, is exposing our addiction for all the world to see.

We are, simply put, addicted to our imports. Imports we now need to survive.

Our addiction can be seen, like most junkies, in the way we spend money. We have no budget, no limit, to the amount of money we spend. Last year we set the all-time world record for import spending: a trillion dollars.

That's right, only 16 countries on earth, and there are 195 countries at last count. But only 16 countries have an economy as large as the US spending habit for imports.

Think of that we spent last year, more than 179 countries total income for the year.

And we spent all that money on goods. Goods that we will not, or cannot make ourselves.

Now a lot of those goods are basically frivolous. Like all those plastic do-dads and gadgets you can find at the Dollar Store or at Walmart. If we lost those, I don't think it would be a big deal.

But some of the things we but from others, we literally can't live without. Loose those and our lifestyle changes dramatically.

You know what I'm talking about. We've seen it in all the headlines of late. Gas is priced astronomically because there simply isn't enough to meet our demand.

We are reliant on others to supply the gas that we simply choose not to produce. Oh, it's not that we can't produce our own gas. We choose not to. And thereby we become reliant on others.

Ukraine showed us that. According to Jen Psaki, the President's Press Secretary we now import 10% of the gas we need to run this country from Russia. But Russia is threatening to cut us off. Our pusher is walking out on us.

And like any addict, we're going to find that this withdrawal is very very difficult.

As I pointed out yesterday, gas here in Pennsylvania is approaching $4 a gallon, while out in California and Hawaii it's nearing $5 a gallon in some locations.

And what so many are missing is that gasoline is a vital resource for this country's economy to operate at full capacity.

Price gas too high, and not only will people limit their driving, but so will some shipping and delivery services.

While the greens might see this as a positive, I don't think the average consumer, who's already caught in the midst of this energy-driven inflation. I'm sure, consumers don't think it's such a good deal.

There is another vital resource that Russia supplies to America: fertilizer. This is a byproduct of their petroleum industry and a necessary ingredient in the supper abundance of our farmland.

Cut back on fertilizer and you very directly cut back on crop production. Something that's sure to get everyone's attention comes next harvest in the fall.

All of this portrays just what an ill-conceived strategy this Russian embargo is.

When your economy is so weak that it can not supply your population with the goods they need to survive. You don't go picking a fight, with the very people who supply you those goods.

But that's just what President Biden and his administration have done.

It's utter insanity.

And yet it is one of the principal characteristics of the millionaire junky.