Feb. 28, 2022

US Bio Labs In Ukraine?

One of the most fascinating chapters of the War In Ukraine is unfolding before our eyes. A story that is likely to tell us as much about our country, as it does about Ukraine and Russia.

The story unfolds around the valiant, but somewhat naive attempt by two hawkish Senators who in the twilight of their careers enter into a noble effort to move the world toward peace.

The two senators are Sam Nunn of Georgia and Richard Lugar of Indiana. While in congress both Lugar and Nunn were among the most pro-military voice in the Capital. And reliable votes for just about any new military project that would come down the pike.

But both men were also very aware of the dangers that these larger and larger military's posed abound the world. In particular, they recognized the threat of nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction.

So they set up a not-for-profit organization aimed at curtailing the WMD threat. The organization was named The Lugar Center, with Senator Lugar as the organization's first President.

So far, so good. Just the sort of civic-minded perspective one would hope from a couple of retiring political leaders.

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So here's where our story gets a little murky. And as you'll see, the opportunity arises for dark forces to enter the picture.

Going back to 1991 a new agency is created within the Department of Defense, called the "Defense Threat Reduction Agency." Created in reaction to the fall of the Soviet Union. It was designed to reduce any remaining biological threat, literally around the world.

And like any US Government Agency, the scope and range of that Agency grew and grew. By 2005 a new set of initiatives were created in both Nuclear and Biological Threat Reduction.

As part of their initiative, labs were set up in Georgia, South Africa, and Ukraine, among other third-world countries.

In Ukraine, there are 5 of these labs. All morphed under the combined auspices of the Department of Defense and the Lugar Center.

See what I mean about confusing? It is clear, however, that it is the DOD that supplied funding for the labs.

Now, let's take a break right here. I've included for your review, in the article at valueside.com: the website for the Lugar Center. The US Embassy in Ukraine's discussion of the Biological Threat Reduction Program, and a very professional Infomercial on YouTube, from the good people at the Ukraine Lab explaining just what they do there.

Please explore those websites, as they are many “fact-checkers” who deny the very existence of these labs.

Ok, Let's continue.

When you listen to that Youtube Video, you'll find that most of the time the lab personnel are arguing that they are not a weapons lab.

After all, they claim, 22 foreign visitors have come to the lab, and have not found any weapons. I note this is the same argument that Iran used back during the inspection of the nuclear program. The US did not accept that argument from Iran. And it's apparent that Russia does not accept that kind of argument from the US. 

But I digress again.

So here we're left with an interesting conundrum. First, there most definitely do exist bio labs in Ukraine.

And they are financed by the US Department of Defense. Under a somewhat loose umbrella of a not-for-profit called the Lugar Center.

Employees of the Lab claim that there is no weapons production going on. But there is little real authentication for their position. It's a “take our word for it” kind of statement.

Obviously, Presidents Putin is not satisfied with the US Position. And he has made his position perfectly clear over several years.

One can question whether this was sufficient provocation to invade. But it may be a contributing factor.

However, the US position has been much less cogent. Choosing to hide behind the Technocratic Censorship which seems so prevalent today.

Rather than acknowledge that we do have 5 bio labs in Ukraine, and then argue over whether military-grade weapons are also there.

Instead, the US has decided to remain mum. Not addressing the issue at all. And thereby raising Putin's suspicion even more.

In short, the US has not behaved in the open and honest manner we would expect.

It's not too late.

Now would be an excellent time for the Department of Defense and others to come clean.

Throw open the Kimono, take this critical issue off the board. And thereby help put an end to all this bloodshed.