March 9, 2022

US Bio Weapons Labs In Ukraine? Yes Part II

On February 28, just slightly over a week ago, you and I discussed Part I of this Podcast: US Labs in Ukraine? Yes, It's True.

I encourage you to revisit that podcast or review the script over at Substack. Because as we went through that discussion it becomes apparent that there is a synergy working here.

A synergy between an NGO, nongovernmental agency called the Lugar Center, and certain covert agencies within the US Foreign Policy Structure, like the Central Intelligence Agency.

In any event that's my best estimate, I do not yet have proof of CIA involvement.

Back a week ago our focus was whether or not those labs even existed. The Biden Administration fervently denied that there were even bio labs in Ukraine.

But when this podcast produced the YouTube Video, showing workers at the US Fund Bio Lab, discussing their mission in Ukraine. It became readily apparent that the Biden Administration was not being truthful.

The links for the American Ukraine Embassy and their YouTube Video are copied at the bottom of this podcast.

But last week two facts were irrefutable:

  1. that the United States had bio labs in Ukraine. Built and paid for by this country.

  2. The second irrefutable fact was that the US had at least 5 such labs in Ukraine. I'm now told that the number is as high as 11 such labs.

We also knew that these labs were capable of dealing with the most deadly of biological pathogens. And, in what's increasingly looking like a cover story for this whole sordid affair. Last week, and in all the time before, these labs were presented as bio clean-up labs. Put in place by the United States to clean up any residual bioweapons that might be floating around Ukraine.

A cover story that becomes weaker when one realizes the scope and number of these so-called bioweapons clean-up shops.

But last week's analysis had to stop short of actually declaring that these were bioweapons labs themselves. After all the workers in their YouTube Video denied that very claim.

Then yesterday came the answer.

Speaking before a Senate Select Committee, Victoria Nuland, undersecretary of State, provided the final puzzle piece.

Nuland, whose father incidentally is Ukrainian, acknowledged that there are indeed bio labs within Ukraine. The first time, to my knowledge, any member of the current administration has even admitted their existence.

Mrs. Nuland went on to explain her concern that these labs might be taken over by the Russians. And that those Russians in turn might stage a bio attack.

Wait just a moment. That's it. Do you see it? I hope you see this, it's critical.

Nuland here is saying that not only does Ukraine have bio labs. But they are bio labs capable of producing a weapon such that Russia or I suppose Ukraine itself, could stage a biological attack.

Simply put whoever controls these labs, and it doesn't have to be Russia, has thereby the capability to produce a bioweapon.

These are bioweapons labs.

Chairman of the Committee, Marco Rubio, then goes on to ask Nuland if Russian troops gained control over those labs, could they stage a bio attack. His quote was:

 "If there's a biological or chemical weapon incident or attack inside of Ukraine, is there any doubt in your mind that 100% it would be the Russians that would be behind it?"

To which Nuland replied:

"There is no doubt in my mind Senator..."

Ok fine, I get it, they're trying to put Russia in the worst light possible. Those “dirty Russians” they're capable of anything.

But remember, it was the US specifically who bought, paid, and built these labs.

From the Youtube Video, it appears that many if not most of the employees there are American.

There are at least 5 of them, and likely 11.

They are all very close to the Russian border with Ukraine.

They represent a mortal threat to the Russian population in that region.

So those are the facts. And no matter how I consider them, I can't help but see American culpability here.

Just why did we build such labs? That question alone overwhelms me. Honestly, I didn't think our country was capable of such a thing. You know it's outlawed in the USA for there to be any such labs.

And then why did we place these labs on the Russian border for Heaven's sake? That fact alone would be a provocation to any country. To have a factory that makes weapons of mass destruction just miles from your people is utter insanity. No sane country would tolerate such a threat.

My bottom line on all this.

For months now we've seen members of this administration beat the Anti-Russia drum. Russia is no good, Putin is evil.

Ok fine.

But everyone deserves there a moment in court. To have their side heard. And right now we are cutting off everything Russian. Media and big tech won't listen to that side of the story.

I think they have a case.

It is the USA that has the burden of proof right now. When all the facts are heard it's up to America to explain just why these Bio Labs exist.

And what is their complete capability?