Feb. 23, 2022

When They Just Won't Talk...

We've all been in a situation, where the other side just won't talk. It could be a significant other, or just a friend, a boss or an employee, an acquaintance or a relative.

No matter who it is, you always know that the relationship is over when the other side simply won't talk.

Communication, after all, is the basis of all human relations. We are creatures who must communicate. It's how we learn about the other side. How we share ourselves.

And most importantly how we maintain our relationship with each other. Without communication, we are simply two strangers sharing a space.

That's why it has been so distressing to see the recent behavior of the Canadian Government. The government of Justin Trudeau has gone out of its way to avoid communication. They have snubbed the Freedom Truckers and by extension the Canadian people, at every opportunity.

And it's not like they been far away. In fact, the Truckers have been on every street and road in Ottawa, Trudeau's hometown. In fact, it's Trudeau who's been hard to reach. He was the one who fled out of town, the moment the Freedom Truckers reached Ottawa.

And while the Prime Minister could have sent a representative, and set up a meeting. He chooses not to. Going out of his way to avoid talking to those assembled.

And this has been the hallmark of governments around the world. Australia does not talk to the Australians, Nor New Zealand to the New Zealanders, or Austria to the Austrians.

The governments have stopped talking, plain and simple.

How ironic, discussion and debate were the keystones of these former democracies. Open discussion and debate, it was the way the people ruled themselves. Our elected representatives listened, and then participated in open, and often heated debates, as they made the laws to which we all would obey.

But have you noticed? That's all gone now. There no longer are laws. Instead, they've all been replaced by “mandates.” What an appropriate, and undemocratic term. A term that never existed in our lexicon before this Pandemic.

One man, sitting alone, dictates to us all, what we must do. By mandate. No discussion, no participation by our elected representatives, or heaven forbid the people. It's the way it's going to be, the Chief Executive has decided, and that's that.

At first, we were told that the Executive had to act quickly because the threat was so great. But it's been two long years, and still no public debate. Trudeau declares essential Marshall law, under the Emergency Act, before the Parliament even has time to react.

Are we saying that the normal function of government cannot act in two years? An absurd conclusion.

No this is a power grab, plain and simple. The move by Country CEOs to take over.

Assembly is put down by the most brutal of repression. Something we had come to expect from major dictators in years past, has come to our own shores.

With names like Johnson, Morrison, and yes Trudeau, they sought to rule over us like an ancient potentate.

It's cancer and it's spreading rapidly.

For those who haven't noticed, it is all happening right here in the US, where our own Chief Executive, Joe Biden, has sought to rule and reign over this country.

It all began those first two days in office when Biden set the all-time world record of signing new Executive Orders. Sitting behind the historic Resolute desk, stacked high with leather-bound orders, Biden happily signed away. No effort to include, no speech to inform the public. Just sign. In the words of his former boss: stroke of the pen, law of the land.

Hardly how most would define a democratic republic.

No communication.

And for those who hold out hope that two-way communication is still possible, I draw your attention to the construction currently occurring around the White House and Capitol. Those walls are going up again. Fencing off, we the people.

In anticipation of the Freedom Truckers set to arrive within the next two weeks, our leaders have quite literally walled themselves off from the people. In spite of the fact that there is absolutely no indication that the truckers are a threat. There was no violence from the Truckers up in Canada. The violence all came from the other side.

But our leaders, like Canada, Austria, and Australia, don't want to listen. And they especially don't want to engage with the people who elected them.

These leaders have stopped talking to the people. And they erect barriers to make sure any conversation does not happen.

And in any relationship, when one side refuses to talk, you know it's over.

It reminds me of something I read once:

"When in the course of human events...”